Ukita Jūhachiken Residents’ Network – Purpose and Aims

The Ukita Jūhachiken area is one of the neighbourhood units that comprise the Edogawa-ku autonomous neighbourhood associations. Approximately 2,000 individuals reside in the Ukita Jūhachiken area, from around 850 households.  At the heart of this area is Gyōsen Park, a prominent green space in Edogawa-ku and a recreation spot popular with local residents.

In recent times, many new residents, including many international families, have made the Ukita Jūhachiken area their home, attracted in part by the area’s convenient location and excellent transportation links. Prominent among these international families are those from India, who have enriched the area with their cultures and customs.

Change can be challenging for those living through it, and long-time residents will have witnessed quite a transformation in a relatively short period of time. Now that our neighbourhoods have become home to many people of diverse cultural backgrounds, open and ongoing communication is more important than ever when it comes to maintaining goodwill and harmony within our shared community.

The Ukita Jūhachiken Residents Network was formed with this in mind. In cooperation with the Ukita Jūhachiken Neighbourhood Council, we will post information of relevance to residents, including local topics, opinions, helpful information and notices about local events, with the aim of providing an engaging and useful local media site. 

We invite you to make use of this site as your local communication forum. With abnormal weather patterns having become the ‘new normal’; with memories of the destructive typhoons of autumn 2019 still clearly etched in the minds of many, and with this area having always been vulnerable to flooding, good communication is now more than ever a vital tool when it comes to keeping ourselves and each other safe.

Extreme events can happen at any time so it is important to have the relevant information readily available. The Ukita Jūhachiken Residents Network has put in place a system that will bring you information from the relevant agencies in real-time. We will continue to build on our capability to bring you accurate and up-to-date information for times of emergency and for disaster prevention.

It is our sincere hope that this site will be of value to all local residents, not only in times of extreme events of course, but on an ongoing daily basis.

We thank you all for your cooperation and goodwill. 

(Ukita Jūhachiken Residents Network site administrator, ONOZATO Yasunori)

(訳・Judy Evans)